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Amy’s  Custom Chocolates and MORE


   Tortoises – chewy caramel with roasted and salted pecan pieces in a chocolate coated tortoise shape

   Peanut Clusters – plenty of roasted and salted peanuts in each cluster of chocolate

   Raisin Clusters – dark raisins in a cluster of chocolate

   Rocky Road – a nice blend of miniature marshmallows, peanuts, and dark raisins surrounded by chocolate

   Coconut Cluster – chocolate covered sweetened shredded coconut


Truffles, Creams and Fudge 

   Truffles – a rich, creamy chocolate center made with real whipping cream and dipped in chocolate

   Orange creams – orange creamy center enfolded in chocolate

   Raspberry creams – fruity, creamy raspberry center dipped in chocolate

   Coconut Dreams – a vanilla cream base filled with chewy coconut and wrapped in chocolate

   Peanut butter balls – a very creamy peanut buttery center dipped in chocolate

  Chocolate fudge – smooth, melt-in-your-mouth fudge bar(Seasonal-Chocolate dipped fudge eggs 5 oz. & 12 oz.)                                              


   Peppermint Bark – crushed peppermint on top of a delicate layer of dark or milk chocolate

   Almond Bark – whole roasted and salted almonds in a thin chocolate bark

   Pecan Bark – roasted and salted pecan halves in a thin chocolate bark

   Creamy Mint Bark – a green minty chocolate layered on top of dark or milk chocolate

   Butter Nut Crunch – easy-to-bite buttery toffee with nuts and chocolate

Miscellaneous Fruits and Snacks

   Apricots – whole dried apricots partially dipped in chocolate

   Very Cordial Cherries – plump Maraschino cherries floating in a cherry sea, enrobed in a shell of chocolate

   Pretzels – waffle or twisted pretzels dipped in chocolate   

   Toffee Bars – crunchy toffee wafer dipped in luscious chocolate

Candy Prices:  $7 – 1/4#;     $12 - 1/2#;    $22 - 1#;    $44 - 2#  (unless otherwise noted)

Breads, Cakes, and Bars

    Quick Breads–Zucchini, Banana, Apple Streusel, Date, Cranberry, Pumpkin ($5.50 ;  w/ nuts or choc. chips - $6 )

   Loaf Cakes - Cinnamon Pecan, Lemon, Double Chocolate, Pistachio (Loaf $5.50 - $6, Bundt - $18)

     Brownies – Fudge and/or Mint Sandwich, … eight - 2"x2" pieces per box ($13.50 - $14 )

    Oatmeal Jumbles – Chewy oatmeal cookie base topped with a fudgy layer and dollops of Oatmeal Cookie

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